Letter: Lake Powell is a gem and Utah should do all it can to keep it viable

(Ecoflight) An aerial view of the Glen Canyon Dam at Lake Powell, Thursday, April 14, 2022.

It’s really too bad that your reporting on Lake Powell is so one-sided and bent toward the “drainer” crowd, and that you’ve bedded down with the Glen Canyon Institute.

Your reporting is also misleading and lacking in certain facts that you’ve chosen not to include. In all your articles of doom and gloom on Lake Powell, not one differing viewpoint. Shame on you.

Did you know that visitation to Lake Powell in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area sees anywhere from 3 to 4 million visitors each year? And those visitors spend untold millions into the economy.

Lake Powell exists for the Upper Basin to meet downstream deliveries to the Lower Basin. And the system is working beautifully! Can you imagine how California would have fared without Lake Powell? Colorado wouldn’t have any water left right now!

So come on, Utah. Do better! You have way more people in your state that love Lake Powell than don’t. You have a gem in your state, and you should do everything you can to keep it viable.

Tiff Mapel, Durango, Colorado

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