Letter: Do we really want a Trump mini-me representing our state?

(Andrew Harnik | AP) Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, speaks during a Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

The upcoming elections are flooding the airwaves with advertisements full of lies.

Locally, we have Evan McMullin running for Senate along with Mike Lee.

Lee has resorted to untruths, aka lies. In his advertisements he claims that McMullin “walked away” from paying for a previous campaign to the tune of $644,000 or so. That comment is supposed to make McMullin look like a Republican that doesn’t pay his bills.

In the not too distant past Lee had a buddy take over the “short sale” Lee defaulted on. Lee made money on his default and handed his buddy a good deal.

That charge is ironic. Remember when Lee “walked away” from a mortgage he couldn’t afford? Lee cheated the lender out of their money by not paying his mortgage. How much was that failure to pay your bills?

Lee is also a coat tail hanger-on that supports the attempted coup d’etat on the U.S. country and Democracy by Trump.

Maybe people should question the claims made by Republicans since they are seldom truthful. We might have a better government.

Do we really want a Trump mini-me representing our state?

Bill Revene, West Valley City

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