Letter: Talk of bringing an MLB team to Utah is just another scheme to funnel taxpayer dollars to the Larry H. Miller empire

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) The Salt Lake Bees open their season at Smith’s Ballpark Thursday night, May 6, 2021.

Bees are necessary for a sustainable planet. The Salt Lake Bees are necessary for a livable city. Unfortunately, we have the billion dollar corporate welfare queen that is the Larry H. Miller (LHM) Corporation who feeds off taxpayer dollars.

LHM pays $1250 a month in taxpayer subsidized rent for a huge Bees stadium and parking lot? You can’t rent a 500 square foot studio apartment in the city for that. Now they want to extort the city by threatening to move the Bees to their superfund site in Daybreak unless the taxpayer ponies up millions to upgrade the park?

I go to a lot of Bees games. The park is in fine shape and never close to capacity. Let LHM pay for any upgrades they want. Despite LHM claims to bring an MLB team here, we won’t be getting an MLB team. The city isn’t big enough to support such a franchise. Las Vegas and Sacramento are both twice the size of our metro area and they want MLB too. So does Nashville, Charlotte and many other larger metro areas.

The talk of MLB coming here is nonsense. It’s just another scheme to funnel taxpayer dollars to the LHM billion dollar empire.

John Nelson, Salt lake City

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