Letter: Stockton no longer worthy of having a street named after him

FILE - In this Dec. 7, 2016, file photo, retired NBA player and Gonzaga alumnus John Stockton, center, looks on before an NCAA college basketball game between Gonzaga and Washington in Spokane, Wash. (AP Photo/Young Kwak, File)

Salt Lake City has a number of stretches of downtown streets with signs bearing the names of national and local achievers of noteworthy accomplishments: e.g., Cesar Chavez, Rosa Parks and Karl Malone. The signs result from actions taken by the City Council, most recently honoring retired local pastor Rev. France Davis.

An early honoree (in 2005) was Utah Jazz basketball star John Stockton.

It is time to rescind that one. Stockton is now a strident anti-vaxxer, thereby putting his own and many others’ lives at risk. He no longer is deserving of honorific street signs. Just last January his alma mater Gonzaga University canceled his season tickets for his failure to wear a mask at its games.

William Vogel, Salt Lake City

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