Letter: Shame on Lee and Romney for again voting against the veterans-aiding “Burn Pit Bill”

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Senators Mike Lee and Mitt Romney are shown on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

We just learned that the United States Senate passed the PACT Act by an 86-ll roll call vote. Sens. Mike Lee and Mitt Romney were two of the nay votes. This the second time that they voted against what is commonly known as the “Burn Pit Bill.”

The PACT Act will provide much needed funds to boost health care for veterans exposed to toxins during America’s wars ranging from Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq. It is estimated that coverage will be provided for up to 3,5 million veterans.

As an Army veteran who is receiving assistance through the Veterans Administration for Agent Orange ailments incurred while in Vietnam (1967-1968), I applaud the Senate for this vote. However, our two Utah senators have earned only ignominy for their shameful votes against this bill.

They should not be welcomed by any veteran’s organization if they should seek to give a speech on any patriotic holiday. Neither one ever served in the Armed Forces, and now they voted to deny care to those who are suffering because of their sacrifice for this nation. The words, “Thank you for your service,” will forever ring hollow if uttered by these two politicians. Shame on Sens. Lee and Romney.

Luciano S. Martinez, Murray

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