Letter: Most Americans approve of Biden’s core policies and stands, but his approval rating doesn’t reflect that. Something’s rotten in America.

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File) President Joe Biden speaks to members of the media after exiting Air Force One, Wednesday, July 20, 2022, at Andrews Air Force Base, Md.

With apologies to Shakespeare’s Hamlet — “something’s rotten in the United States.” That something is our politics.

Roughly 70% of Americans approve of Biden’s policy of supporting Ukraine and opposing Russia’s land grab. A majority approve of his taking a firm line with China and its attempts to dominate world trade. 61% (mainly women) agree with him that abortions should be legal — even though no woman takes that decision lightly. Roughly 70% support tighter gun controls. Two-thirds agree with Biden that we urgently need more action on climate control. Currently there are 74 large fires burning in the U.S. and many countries — including the UK and India — are reporting record heat waves.

Yet, Biden’s rating is approaching an all time low for a U.S. president (currently held by ex-presidents Nixon and Trump). Trump will probably take the crown if he is impeached, which he would be in any country that prides itself on law and order.

Why such a low rating for Biden? Obviously people are upset about inflation — but that is driven by Russia and China, plus American CEOs exploiting the market (oil for example) to make huge profits and bonuses. Plus, of course, Republicans’ love for Fox News — rated the most biased and dishonest of all major TV stations. Example: in two weeks after the election, they pushed theories about the election being stolen 800 times. I don’t believe they have been covering the recent inquiry into the attack on Congress incited by Trump.

I started this article with a quote from Hamlet. The “something rotten” is the leadership of the Republican party — at both national and state level. Are you proud of the grubbing for support by Utah Republicans in Congress?

Frank Fish, Taylorsville

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