Letter: It’s long past time to stop mindlessly celebrating having lots of children

(NASA) Earth from the Apollo 10 mission in 1969.

The solution? Smaller families, fewer children.

The problem? Climate change. Crowded parks and campgrounds. Water pollution. Air pollution. Shrinking Great Salt Lake. Inflation. Unemployment. International trade imbalance. Solid waste disposal costs. Gasoline prices. Endlessly increasing taxes. Disappearing species.

Religious leaders want large families to secure easy adherents. Developers want large families because they create profits. The rest of us just pay more for public services, schools, transportation and health care.

Clearly, this planet suffers an endlessly growing human population. At some point (now, in fact), population growth will result in famine, disease, international inequities, mass migration and social unrest.

It’s long past time to stop mindlessly celebrating lots of children and grandchildren spawned by elected officials, new employees, and business leaders.

Modern contraception makes limiting family size to two children easy. Abortion rights help those whose contraception fails.

Think about it, for a change.

Bryan Dixon, Logan

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