Letter: We must divert all available water to the Great Salt Lake

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) A view of the shore of Willard Bay on Saturday, January 13, 2018.

As I write this letter, the Great Salt Lake (GSL) is at 4,190.18 feet. This is 3.53 feet lower than the level just two years ago. Also, as I write this letter, the wind is blowing and dust containing toxins fills the sky over the Wasatch Front.

Drastic measures are required now to save the GSL and thus, the health of the million or so people who live along the Wasatch, not to mention the millions upon millions of birds that rely on the GSL for survival.

We need to make sure there are no additional dams on any rivers flowing into the GSL and, for now, draining Willard Bay would help.

I would also say no to watering lawns, watering golf courses, and washing your car. In this emergency situation, and this is an emergency, we must divert all available water to the GSL.

Ronald Rood, Magna

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