Letter: What it means to be “pro-life” in America

(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) Hundreds of anti-abortion activists rally at Pro-Life Utah's March for Life at the Utah Capitol on Saturday, in conjunction with the national March for Life in D.C., Jan. 22, 2022.

“You can’t make me get a vaccine or wear a mask; I have the right to endanger others’ health. I have bodily autonomy.

“Women don’t have bodily autonomy; I’m against abortion and contraception. All lives matter.

“Transgender lives don’t matter. They don’t have a right to health care, use the restroom, or play sports because their genitals are my business.

“In fact, no one has a right to health care and we must repeal Obamacare. If someone doesn’t have health insurance, that’s their problem.

“No, my tax dollars will not support programs that help Americans care for their children, feed their children, educate their children, or support children who look different from mine.

“Speaking of, if Black people don’t want to die by police gunfire, they ought to stop committing crimes and respect the rule of law.

“The rule of law doesn’t apply to me. If I want to storm the U.S. Capitol to assassinate elected representatives who disagree with me, then I will.

“I am pro-life.”

Drew Walker, Salt Lake City

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