Letter: Some ideas on how to fix the design flaws of Salt Lake City’s new airport

Travelers walk through in Salt Lake City International Airport, Tuesday, March 9, 2021, in Salt Lake City. U.S. airlines are adding jobs as industry employment extends a rebound from a low in October, when tens of thousands of airline workers were briefly laid off after federal payroll aid expired. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

The new Salt Lake City Airport is among the worst, period (not just for layovers). It is a world class design failure that has made the airport so much worse to use than it was previously.

A new phase II plan is required for fixing the serious design flaws of the one entry point design which has created the traffic congestion and long hikes to and from gates. How about:

  • At least 3 entry points (EAST/MIDDLE/WEST) with direct access to the two parallel concourses

  • 3 to 10 times the curb space for pickup and drop off.

  • Color coded signs work to make it easier to find your airline, parking or car rental drop off.

  • Color coded directions and paths on the floor directing you to Baggage claim, curbside pick, taxi, rental car destinations.

  • An effective wait area for cars trying to sync their arrival with their pickups. Landside officer’s are not a solution for inadequate curb space.

  • More people movers.

  • Multiple trains.

  • Handicap services.

Folks in charge need to show a commitment to fixing the serious flaws by halting work and drafting a new phase 2 plan because the current plan won’t fix the major problems.

Scot Morgan, Salt Lake City

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