Letter: Americans being sacrificed to appease Trump

(Isaac Hale | Special to The Tribune) A protester waves a trump flag along State Street while protesters gather to speak out against Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, outside of the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building in downtown Salt Lake City on Friday, Feb. 26, 2021.

The ancient Canaanites of the Old Testament worshiped a god called Moloch, who could only be appeased by sacrificing children. The High Priests of Moloch would take the selected children and throw them into a raging fire in a brass furnace in the shape of a bull, while other priests loudly beat drums to drown out the agonized cries of the sacrificed child.

Today Moloch has taken the form of the malignant former president, who demands that not only children, but women and men be sacrificed to appease him. The High Priests of Trumpism are the Republicans, who are willing to throw Americans into the fire of COVID fevers, while the priests at Fox and right-wing media beat the drums of lies and conspiracy theories to drown out the gasps of those dying of COVID and the sounds of the ventilators.

Roy Webb, Salt Lake City

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