Letter: Why mess with Little Cottonwood Canyon when there won’t be any snow?

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Traffic moves up Little Cottonwood Canyon on Saturday, August 21, 2021, offering an unobstructed view of the Salt Lake valley below. Environmental activists are demonstrating against the height of gondola towers the Utah Department of Transportation is proposing be built to carry people up to Alta and Snowbird ski resorts.

There is a lot of babble now about the Little Cottonwood Canyon transportation issue’s Environmental Impact Statement. Well, I’m in the “camp” that says, “Do nothing.” Save our dollars and cents. Do not build those g--awful snow sheds! Do not widen U-210 in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Build neither a gondola nor a railroad.None of these things will be needed by the time the paperwork is done!


Let’s sing a little old tune about it: Oh … there ain’t gonna be no snow no more, there ain’t gonna be no snow, why the heck build a bunch of stuff if there ain’t gonna be no snow?!

Climate change! Get used to it! It’s not going to go away. We are.

On that subject of “climate change”: It seems there are those who do not “believe” the science. Too bad. Science is not about your “beliefs.” It’s about real facts. Ask anyone who has been north of the Arctic Circle lately. Just like January’s snowman sings in April: “It’s melting! It’s melting!”

Guess why.

Tod Young, Granite

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