Letter: Enough is enough: Please either get vaccinated, or sit on the sidelines

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) Folded up bleachers at the old Provo High School gym are covered in notes accumulated since April by people giving their reasons for getting the COVID-19 vaccine as health care representatives administer the vaccine nearby on Wednesday, July 28, 2021.

Dear unvaccinated adults (and those not allowing their children over 12 to be vaccinated): It has now been seven months since COVID vaccines have been available. With the Delta variant now raging, your freedom to choose not to be vaccinated is now impinging on the rest of our freedoms to go to movies, restaurants, family gatherings, concerts, sporting events and countless other activities without fear of getting infected.

If you want the freedom to stay unvaccinated, then you should pay the price of being excluded from entering these types of events, from riding public transportation, or participating in any other activity where you can infect the rest of us.

Your actions in ignoring science represent selfishness, not responsible citizenship.

Your choice will allow the virus to further mutate, increasing the possibility of a new, truly vaccine resistant strain in which case we will be back to “square one.”

And please take the time to refuse medical care in advance if you get sick, as our heroic health care workers are exhausted and you will be taking up valuable hospital space for those who are vaccinated, but need it due to other illnesses, accidents, traumas, etc.

Enough is enough: please either get vaccinated, or sit on the sidelines as the rest of us try and get back to living our best lives.

Ira Rubinfeld, Springdale

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