Letter: In Texas, Democrats are employing a time-tested Republican tactic

Protesters gather at a protect the vote rally in downtown San Antonio, Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

How to understand what is going on in Texas and other Republican-led states.

First, the R-states. Republicans are employing the methods of gangster protection rackets. Gangsters threaten targets with a terrible disaster that might befall them unless they cave in to the gangsters’ demands and give up something valuable. Money in the case of old-time gangsters. Reasonable universal voting rights in the case of modern Republican gangsters.

Now in Texas, the latest thing is Democrats using a time-tested Republican tactic to prevent a vote being held to pass legislation. Just like Republicans using the filibuster, the Texas Democrats are making sure the required number of legislators will not be available to even proceed with a vote. Brilliant!

Brian Wangsgard, St. George

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