Letter: Concerns about erosion should be addressed, but it’s thrilling to have new trails

(Francisco Kjolseth | The Salt Lake Tribune) The Avenues Ridgeline Trail is a new trail (combining parts of old trails + some totally new) with sweeping views of the Salt Lake Valley from the “summit.” The highlights of the trail right now are beautiful yellow leafy arnica, which are everywhere, along with Missouri milkvetch. Though numerous variations exist It's about 3 miles long and not too difficult except for a couple short, steep climbs. The trail is primarily used for hiking, mountain biking, running and nature trips May 12, 2021.

I read the foothill trails article on May 12. I understand why there are mixed reviews about the new trails. People like me who have hiked up there for decades now find themselves rerouted in places. It’s an odd feeling to go from knowing a place like the back of your hand to needing to read trail signs to see where you can walk. That said, I am thrilled about the new trails that have been built for mountain biking.

In addition to loving hiking in the foothills, I am an avid mountain biker. It has always seemed crazy that we have this amazing open space above the city and yet mountain bikers have felt compelled to drive up to Park City or Corner Canyon to find real trails that are really fun to ride.

Frankly, other than schools, I can’t imagine a better use of my tax dollars than opening up access to our public lands to more people. In fact, I hope the city or county will work on developing trails for both hikers and bikers in City Creek. A trail system that allowed access from both Salt Lake City and Bountiful would be wonderful for both communities.

With regard to the possibility of erosion on the new trails, hopefully the trail designers will get better with their trail placement over time. But the truth is, plenty of erosion has been caused by hikers going straight up ridges to get to pretty vistas. I hope that the trails organization will continue its work to improve hiking trails so they don’t erode as badly.

In general, I applaud the work that is being done. I can’t wait to enjoy the trails that are yet to be built.

Alex Bocock, Salt Lake City

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