Letter: Utah declares a state of emergency due to drought. So why do government properties still water whenever?

Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune Runner takes advantage of sprinklers to cool down on his training run in Sugar House Park on July 21.

Why is it when everyone is expected to do their part to conserve water, government properties, parks, schools, etc., seem to be exempt? It is frustrating when you see the sprinklers running when it is raining or in the middle of the day at these facilities and properties. With technologies that are available today, these watering systems should be able to be controlled remotely. The federal, state, or local governments should make the investment into updating these older watering systems. In the long run, it would pay off for both the taxpayer and conserving water. Don’t they realize we live in the second driest state in America! We should all do our part!

Ryker Roskelley, Salt Lake City

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