Letter: A virtual school, like the one planned for the Jordan School district, is problematic

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) A student does his online school work at the Jordan School District Auxiliary Services Building in Riverton, on Monday, March 8, 2021.

Online learning has been a difficult transition for most students during this pandemic. We have seen a lot more failing grades and a much higher dropout rate throughout the original shutdown in March of 2020 through the current school year.

With the vaccine finally being distributed hope for a more normal life increases. However, many students are having anxiety over the thought of having to attend in-person school again. Since so many students feel more comfortable doing their classwork online, the Jordan School district has plans to open a completely virtual school. This is where a lot of concerns could arise.

While there are a few students who thrive at online school there are also a lot of students who struggle immensely. While some might say the answer to that problem is simply not allowing for the students who have a difficult time doing well in school through their online class to simply just not enroll in the virtual school, it is inevitable that a couple of students may just slip in.

It is very important to ensure that students are getting the best education they can, but is it realistic for them to be able to learn if all of their learning is being done online with resources other than the ones that the schools are providing?

Elizabeth Anderson, Herriman

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