Letter: 4th District constituents are left with no representation on substantive matters

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Burgess Owens talks to the media at the GOP election headquarters, at the Utah Association of Realtors office in Sandy, on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

It has been so incredibly frustrating to realize that I do not have a representative in Congress to contact to advocate for all the legislation that will be coming before Congress in the next two years. The people of the 4th District made a big mistake in not returning Ben McAdams to represent us -- someone who could have worked with the current leadership and had a big impact on the content of the legislation that is coming before the House of Representatives. Instead, we have Burgess Owens who seemingly has little knowledge of important policy and legislation and instead offers only tangential diatribes to foment the culture wars and to perpetuate the Big Lie.

During the discussion on the last Covid Relief package, I reached out to Nancy Pelosi to advocate for lowering the income levels for the $1400 direct payment, while offering support for the rest of the package. It felt it was pointless to contact Burgess Owens because he just stood in opposition to the entire bill offering nothing. I realize he will have no impact in the House for the next two years and, therefore, we of the 4th District are left with no representation on substantive matters.

Janelle Heck, Millcreek

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