Letter: Stewart worries about the wrong things

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Chris Stewart (R) speaks during the 2nd Congressional District debate between J. Robert Latham (L), Chris Stewart (R) and Kael Weston (D), at KSL Studio in Salt Lake City, on Monday, October 19, 2020

Throughout his campaign, Rep. Chris Stewart emphasized his personal military service along with his legislative committee assignments that appeared to prioritize his unique capability related to national security. He assured his constituency that he would continue to ensure appropriate oversight, especially as regards positive foreign relations and support of our military in the Middle East.

The assassination of Iran’s premier nuclear scientist poses a grave threat to international security, our military and our own general welfare. This ill-timed event will also inhibit the capability of the incoming Biden administration to work with foreign leaders to avert further conflict.

It is therefore odd and damaging that Stewart, with all his military prowess and committee leverage, would opt to focus on alleged “cheating” in Georgia’s senatorial election. Aside from the opportunity cost due to Stewart’s negligence, one must question the unfortunate pattern of Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes and Sen. Mike Lee’s questioning democratic elections and meddling in the proprietary affairs of states other than Utah.

James Webster, Salt Lake City

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