It’s interesting that Republicans are gung-ho about confirming a new Supreme Court justice to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Whether you agree or disagree with the ethics of doing so, it seems a poor strategy for Republicans. Most people in Utah only voted for Trump in 2016 because of his ability to nominate conservative judges, and many would argue it’s the only thing he’s gotten right for conservatives during his entire term. Now, if he creates a 6:3 majority of conservatives, there is virtually no urgency to vote for him again. The court will be stacked conservative for a generation, and most voters can vote on issues other than the Supreme Court for once.

It would be more strategic to dangle the Supreme Court as motivation for those reluctant one-issue voters. So the one silver lining that could arise out of confirming a Ginsburg replacement before the election is that voters can then cast their vote based on their real opinion of Trump and not just for Supreme Court nominees.

Andrew McKinnon, Taylorsville