Hot weather has arrived in Utah and with the high temperatures comes deadly outcomes for innocent pets at the hands of uneducated owners. In these triple digit temperatures, I have seen crowded dog parks with no shade to be found, and people walking their dogs on hot roads and pavement. Please don’t take your dog to a dog park or exercise in the heat of the day. Early morning or late evening are the only acceptable times.

Following are warnings about heat and pet safety issued by the Humane Society of Utah and DMV Multimedia:

1. Shade and water: Protect your pets from the sun’s rays and keep them hydrated.

2. No cars: Never leave a pet in the car, not even with the window cracked.

3. No asphalt: If it’s too hot for bare feet, it’s too hot for bare paws.

4. Limit exercise: Don’t let playful pets overexert themselves in the heat.

5. Heat stroke: Excessive panting, discolored gums and mobility problems are signs. Seek veterinary attention immediately.

Linda Jenkins, West Jordan