The Supreme Court has allowed religious limits to Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) contraceptive coverage. Only Trump and his Republican Senate enablers, who are dictated by not only religious zealots but corporate plutocrats, would consider this a triumph for our country.

Leaving possibly 126,000 women in this country without birth control coverage, simply by the whim of their current employer. Yet, these are only current numbers. Planned Parenthood has stated that 9 in 10 women will seek contraceptive care during their lifetimes.

This decision would allow publicly traded companies and some universities to claim a religious objection for refusing coverage including “any” moral objection some employers may envision, literally forcing women to plead for permission from their employer for contraceptive coverage in their health care. Despite the fact that all knowledgeable people concede the reality that removing contraceptive options from woman will lead to more abortions and yet these same “winners” would have us believe that this is a truly “moral” issue.

How unfortunate for all of us that “morals” can be set aside when it’s convenient for these same groups. How else could you explain the support and election of a person of Trump’s moral fiber?

Robert Hoff, Taylorsville