Just some comments on George Pyle's June 28 column:

Comparing the Republican Party to the Ba'ath Party is totally disingenuous. In totalitarian countries a single political party is established by those in power to enforce their rule. No opposition party is allowed.

The only impediment that the Democrat Party has in this state is that it does not seem to be able to consistently put forth viable candidates with an agenda that appeals to a majority of the voters. It's not the fault of the voters.

As to the death of the Republican Party: Most of the riots are taking place in cities that have been run by Democrats for decades. In most cases the police (Beverly Hill, Calif., an exception) have been instructed to stand by as the rioters commence unhindered. If politicians cannot provide such a basic service as law and order, when will the voters (especially those who live in minority neighborhoods where the destruction is taking place) wonder why they have voted for them all these years?

The Democratic Party has become the party of white elites that assumes that minorities need to be kept dependent on them for their power. If the Republican party ever gets its act together and tries to appeal to these voters, the Democrat Party may be in danger of joining the "choir invisible."

One last note: Is Mr. Pyle surprised that all four candidates for governor in the Republican primary support the reelection of the current Republican president? How far would they get endorsing the election of Joe Biden?

Just because Mr. Pyle has a visceral hatred of Donald Trump and the Republican Party, that doesn't mean everyone else shares that hatred.

Robert Sleight, Layton