On June 12, Rayshard Brooks was shot dead by police in Atlanta while fleeing from them. The next day, Police Chief Erika Shields resigned her post.

On May 23, Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal was shot dead by police in Salt Lake City while fleeing from them. Three weeks later, Police Chief Mike Brown remains in his post.

Why, I wonder, does Shields take responsibility for murder committed by officers under her command, when male commanders rarely demonstrate the same integrity?

By Sunday, the mayor of Atlanta and the Fulton County district attorney had issued strong condemnations of the APD officers’ excessive use of force, and the DA suggested that charges may be pending.

In Salt Lake City, Mayor Erin Mendenhall initially declared a weeklong curfew (which implied that the public was to blame for violence at protests where police showed up in battle gear), and she has since issued only meager platitudes about racial equality. Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill, as with past incidents, has shown no interest in holding murderous police officers to account, and instead is devoting his office’s resources to prosecuting protesters.

Clearly Atlanta is further on the road to achieving racial justice for its citizens than Salt Lake City. I call on my city’s leaders to rise to the times and rein in a police force that has clearly galloped out of control. And Mike Brown must resign.

Shane Graham, Salt Lake City