Mr. President, please just go golfing. You are making things worse by contradicting your health professionals and by promoting your own take on the coronavirus.

You did away with the pandemic office in 2018 and cut the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s budget drastically and, as usual, you try to blame President Obama.

You have been warned repeatedly about how bad this virus could get, but you are so concerned with the stock market and how it would affect your reelection bid that you forget to think of all the lives that are at risk and especially the health professionals that are on the front lines.

You try to promote a drug that is anecdotal at best and you rip into reporters for asking fair questions about the tests and supplies that are sorely needed, and you keep lying about them and their availability.

I thought you put Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the coronavirus, but you keep overshadowing him because you think you can bluff and cheat your way out of this like you have your whole life in business and for three years as president.

For the good of the country, please just lose yourself on the golf course. You can come back when this is all over and stake your claim that you saved humanity.

Bart S. Croxford, Sandy