Donald Trump’s response to COVID-19 has become a disaster. His lies and ineptness will cost lives, not to mention the millions sick, unable to work and support their families. Health experts are not allowed to speak freely. Thankfully, Dr. Anthony Fauci openly corrected Trump regarding the lateness of tests, calling it “a failing.”

In 2018, Trump forced the CDC to downsize, replacing personnel with the usual political hacks rather than with high qualified scientific leadership positions to manage and protect against pandemics, a fact Trump now denies.

Our proud “war president” is dishonest to the core, stating he “inherited a broken system”. The buck should stop with Trump, yet he denies any responsibility.

Thank God for our competent mayors and governors, trying desperately to care for us, knowing reliance on Trump is useless.

To date medical personnel and firefighters lack protective equipment to do their jobs safely. Over 1,000 of them are sick, yet bravely others continue their jobs under terrible conditions.

Trump ballooned our debt to approximately $109 trillion and growing. Clearly, tax cuts for the rich gravely contributed to this. Now that our people are in grave need for help those tax cuts must be repaid.

Maria Roberts, Park City