Letter: Seeing where Cox stands on Trump is disappointing

Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox talks about Utah's Super Tuesday election during a news conference, Monday March 2, 2020

Dear Lt. Gov. Cox: I admired some of your stances and comments. One that stood out was recognizing some of the idiocy of our current president. I thought you might make a reasonable middle of the road governor.

That was then, this is now.

My first disappointment was reading, in my beloved Tribune, that you support our current president. Really!?

My second and final disappointment was reading, in my reliable Tribune, the unbelievable act of having a professional’s statement deleted from a Twitter post concerning the public’s health risk! Allowing a false statement, by the current president, to go unchallenged or corrected.

Wow! Your priorities certainly aren’t those of Utah’s residents. Not a good look for someone asking residents to trust you enough for their vote.

All Republican candidates have publicly offered their support for the current president. None will be receiving my vote.

Sharon Forbes, Bountiful

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