Did you know a mother polar bear nurtures and protects her cubs for two full years? She shields them from threats and mourns when a cub dies.

We do, too. Women spend 18-plus years protecting our children, our cubs. It’s instinct. It’s love.

Utah’s male-dominated Legislature is now attempting to force women to bury or cremate an unborn fetus if they decide to terminate a pregnancy.

Termination is the most difficult decision a woman will ever make. And yet Utah’s Legislature decides it wants to, in essence, pin her face to the ground and force her to mourn, as if she is not already grieving, bullying her to never forget the weight of her sorrow.

A woman aborting an embryo or fetus is deciding she cannot do this alone for 18-plus years. Her life will be her child’s life. She will nurture because of love. It is what most women instinctively do, whether the father participates or not.

Yes, abortion should occur very early in pregnancy. Utah’s government does not understand that women feel anguish already because they are women. Instead, they want to further hammer a nail into a woman's pain.

Kelli Lundgren, Kihei, Hawaii