Utah is ground zero for the Trump Administration’s assault on our public lands. Their evisceration of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante national monuments exemplifies the trickle down chaos and corruption emanating from the “very stable genius” temporarily occupying the Oval Office.

This assault on public lands is not just a Utah concern. All of us who cherish these spectacular examples of American wilderness, regardless of where we live, decry this travesty. Fortunately Donald Trump, despite his stated preference, is in office for a finite length of time. Future presidents, like all his predecessors, will most certainly be less abhorrent.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was asked at an event at Amherst College, “How do you think people will characterize this period in American history?” The very learned justice’s succinct response to the question was: It is an aberration.

Based on her previous, and at times unguarded, remarks about our current president, it appears she considers Donald Trump’s presidency to be an aberration. Given the aberrant nature of this presidency, it follows that his more egregious actions will be judged as such by future administrations.

There is, therefore, reason to hope that better angels in the future will correct this and the many other travesties committed by this president and his administration.

Tom Yeager, Anchorage, Alaska