Not long ago, Salt Lake was becoming a sustainable, ecology-friendly city. Now developers are moving to build an inland port with shocking disregard to environmental endangerment. The feasibility studies on environmental impact and economic viability have been sidelined.

The Port Authority in August got $28 million of Utah taxpayer money for private business development, without so much as a business plan in return.

Why the scramble to build the port? Who will benefit from the port besides private owners/developers? Are investors being told the truth?

The ramifications of building on wet, unstable ground are unknown. Escalating costs of constructing the new prison are proof of severe difficulties facing the port. But the most tragic aspect of this project is the irredeemable loss of the wetlands wildlife, which will perish in horrific numbers.

The port is hugely unpopular. Our opinions are being ignored.

We read recently 82% of campaign contributions to Utah legislators comes from special interests or out-of-state donors, not constituents’ donations. In that case, whose interests do our state elected leaders represent? Not ours.

We are not being represented, much as the unfortunate wildlife itself.

Doesn’t this situation strike deep shame in anyone’s conscience? Aren’t we willing to step up and say no, stop this impending environmental and ecological disaster?

Heather S. Dorrell, Salt Lake City