I would like to comment on Dave Winslow’s recent opinion titled “Ungodly teachings about LGBTQ drive people away from the LDS Church.” Like Mr. Winslow I am north of 60 years. And I am a lifelong, temple-recommend-holding, returned missionary, active, involved, member of the church and am committed to it by covenants I have made.

I have known about 30 to 40 members or former members of our church who are sexual minorities. The church pays such a dear price for its policies and treatment of LGBTQ individuals. My heart breaks when I talk to these rejected members (spurned for being or acting gay) who I find to be filled with integrity and love for the gospel and for the church. What is in their so-called “gay agenda”? It is to build Zion, shoulder to shoulder, with their majority heterosexual saints. The talent, the testimonies, the love, the character, and the deep commitment of these individuals is amazing to me. Many of them continue to love the church, the gospel and their fellow members even after rejection.

I am amazed that the institutional church dismisses these sexual minorities and drives them away. Of course the church’s actions also injure sympathetic non-LGBTQ members as well. It is horrifying, confusing, frustrating and sad.

Stephen Hardy, Acton, Mass.