Letter: Adults should have condoms handy

(Photo courtesy of Converse County Public Health) A condom wrapper design that was featured as part of a safe sex campaign in Converse County, Wy.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, condoms with bawdy messages on them were a big hit with the public in Wyoming and Alaska — which is what you want.

Because sometimes adults have unplanned sex, you don’t want them also to have unprotected sex. Instead you want them to have condoms handy in order to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Unfortunately, our governor has ordered Utah’s Health Department not to distribute condoms with messages such as “Uinta sex?” and “This is the place” superimposed over a bed. Why? Because they might make the person with the condom think about sex?

It is not as if the Health Department was distributing free toothbrushes with sexual messages on their wrappers.

Linda F. Smith, Salt Lake City

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