When I read the letter from Anne McCulloch Nelsen on Jan. 12 stating that“full disclosure” about how the ties of Josh T. Smith to the Koch Foundation should have been noted in Smith’s Jan. 17 commentary. Nelson said that connection should have received the same disclosure that you always give to The Salt Lake Tribune’s connection to the Huntsman family, which is much appreciated by me and wholly appropriate, I couldn’t have agreed more.

That being the case, I also think it only fair that any and all submissions from anyone with any ties to Media Matters, Move On.org, or the many other organizations that are heavily funded by the very far left George Soros have that disclosure, too. As a right-leaning person, I feel that “what’s good for the goose good for the gander.”

By the way, those disclosures should also mention that Soros is a convicted felon in France, convicted on insider-trading charges.

Mike McManus, Salt Lake City