Is Rep. Rob Bishop really serious? His logic follows that because the Democrats didn’t approve Donald Trump’s spending request for “The Wall” and he went behind everyone’s back and took it from the military, the blame for the lost military funds is the Democrats’ fault.

Let’s look at this with another example. You’re a parent with a 10-year-old son. While shopping at Harmons he tells you he wants a Red Bull. You tell you do not believe that is a wise choice of beverages and are willing to discuss a healthier alternative. He throws a hissy fit and says he only wants a Red Bull. You leave the store with an upset kid and no Red Bull.

When he gets home, he goes into his sister’s room and swipes a few dollars from her piggy bank, walks back to the store and gets a Red Bull. His sister comes home, realizes her piggy bank has been looted and confronts her brother. Your son confesses and explains he really wanted the Red Bull and had no money.

How would you react if your daughter blames you for the loss of her money because you didn’t buy him the Red Bull?

And we keep electing these intellectual giants.

Gus Wheeler, Salt Lake City