Recently, I was pleased to see an article announcing JetBlue’s plan to go carbon neutral on all U.S. flights. JetBlue will achieve this through enhancing fuel efficiencies and investment offsets in green industries for the fuel that they actually expend.

Well done, JetBlue!

However, I should note that this decision was not the sole result of an altruistic board of directors. It was driven by the cold, hard reality of capitalism — and a board that realizes that the buying public is increasingly recognizing that the climate emergency is real, immediate and seriously dangerous to our children.

What makes this even more gratifying is that JetBlue, and many other corporations, came to this conclusion in spite of the Trump Administration’s active resistance of anything related to combating climate change. Capitalism works, even when the government is fundamentally broken.

Hopefully, more of our leading corporations will recognize that their future existence is dependent on capturing a market share in international green business opportunities, before America is ostracized by the rest of the international community.

Guy Schultzman, Washington, Utah