Letter: Trump’s dream of a monarchy is within reach

(Evan Vucci | AP) President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the White House, Thursday, Jan. 9, 2020, in Washington.

As a president under siege, anything Donald Trump does is not likely to follow a prescribed, legal pathway. This mob boss thinks in terms of transactional relationships with other mob bosses, considering above all the preservation of his family/mob future empire.

Knowing that, we submit this intrepid forecast: We will learn that Trump is entering both a state of war and of conflict with a known predatory regime in order to cover his butt in an emergency.

As we’ve not formally entered the category of emoluments — i.e., monetary gain — as a huge, additional article of impeachment in the House of Representatives, we have not yet learned the extent or the mechanics of illegal gain under this truly corrupt presidential administration.

As long as he blocks access to documents and witnesses, learning the details will be a tough assignment, and we will fail to comprehend the depth of his family’s greed, as well as the extent of his assault on the national and global environment, the primary source of his future wealth.

Regardless, if impeached and removed, or even if threatened by failure to be reelected in November, Trump is setting up a scenario to suspend vacating the office of the president, Constitution or no Constitution. He just won’t go.

It’s that old Greenland syndrome, in which electoral dysfunction justifies buying a continent, even if this all leads to a disastrous war, or setting up grounds for refusal to leave the White House to a legitimately elected successor.

His ultimate desire for a lasting monarchy is within reach. This we must prevent even if it means alienating Putin, Kim and others in Trump’s dream team.

Ivan Weber, Salt Lake City

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