I am a lifelong Republican. I certainly find the choices our president has made unorthodox and possibly illegal. Anyone who still feels Trump’s interaction with Ukraine was in the best interest of the American people is either not being honest or is naïve.

Whatever doubt remains needs to be resolved by Congress. The Constitution mandates that they take this process seriously, finish it, and give the American people answers. That doesn’t necessarily mean the president will be removed, but it’s clear he needs his power checked.

I will be watching the remaining proceedings and I hope I can count on all members of Congress to fulfill their constitutional duty with integrity. I believe Rep. Chris Stewart has been wrong in the way he’s handled the investigation so far. He keeps saying that there’s no evidence against the president, but he didn’t even attend all the hearings. He’s purposely ignoring the evidence, and I think it’s going to cost him his seat.

Sen. Mitt Romney has proven that he is not afraid to stand up to corruption in the White House, and hopefully he will do so as the impeachment proceedings move on to the Senate in the weeks ahead.

James Howelm, Salt Lake City