Our nation and our legislators are at an important crossroad. Should presidents be allowed to obstruct constitutionally mandated congressional oversight and to solicit foreign governments to meddle in our elections? Or will our representatives side with our Founding Fathers and send a clear message to this and future presidents?

This is a very sobering and consequential decision for our country. These particular issues were of great concern to our Founding Fathers, who subsequently included the impeachment provisions in the Constitution, to specifically give Congress the power to stop those potential threats to our nation from an unscrupulous president.

While this is widely presented as just partisan politics, it is a much bigger threat to our system of government than that. Consider how everyone will feel and react when the shoe is on the other foot, which would be inevitable in the long run. If we don’t prohibit this behavior, our nation is doomed to more political acrimony. Our legislators need to think about the best interests of our nation, and how history will judge them and their actions at this important crossroad.

Steven Newton, Salt Lake City