In his Dec. 7 letter to The Public Forum, Dick Palmer wrote that he watches Fox News and listens to “Rush, Hannity, Beck, etc.” and also watches “PBS and other similar venues,” as if that qualifies as balancing his information sources.

Sorry, Mr. Palmer, it doesn’t.

Fox News is unapologeticly ultra conservative and pro-Trump. Rush, Hannity and Beck are right-wing ideologues, who push their own agendas. They are not journalists.

PBS is an example of journalistic professionalism. All their reporters are trained journalists, and all their reporting is fact-checked. PBS is only slanted left to those who view from the extreme right.

If you truly want to balance the sources you referenced, add the left-leaning MSNBC to your list and watch Maddow, O’Donnell and Hayes.

Or, you could disregard the blather of both extremes and watch PBS, CBS, NBC and ABC exclusively. And, by the way, CNN, like the aforementioned three-letter sources, is also staffed by professional journalists, in spite of what Trump and his minions say. Of course Trump’s bunch hates CNN — the truth sometimes hurts.

Oh, and truth? There is such a thing.

J.C. Smith, St. George