I just got a raise in my monthly Social Security — $22 per month, or $264 per year.

I just paid my Salt Lake County property taxes. They went up $428. In one year. So far, I’m $160 in the hole.

Oh, I’m an 80-year-old disabled vet, and get a small stipend from the VA, and next year I get a $4 raise. Great, but still in the hole.

Federal income taxes: Up $300. State income taxes: Up $100. So far, I’m down some $500 or $600 bucks from last year.

Now I read that the state is going to raise my food taxes and gas taxes, plus God only knows what other taxes.

Income tax relief? Not for me: No dependents still at home.

I’m actually not complaining. I’m explaining.

Just sayin’.

Mike Smith, Salt Lake City