An open letter to Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill,

On Sept. 20, I joined hundreds of Utahns at the climate strike march in Salt Lake City. While there, I met some of the young people who are now being prosecuted for felony crimes at the inland port rally in July.

These young people are working or going to school or both. I was struck by the dedication of these young adults to combat climate change. They wear used clothing. They take public transportation. They are vegetarians and vegans. They don’t care much about money, but they do care about the environment and how this will affect people, especially those of color and in poverty.

Please do not prosecute and imprison these young people. They did not harm anyone. They were demonstrating and protesting a project that mostly likely will do damage to human beings, wildlife and clean air and water.

When we look back at these protests, we may see that they were needed to stop the destruction of our world. Let’s be on the right side of history here in Utah. Should financial gain for a few be more important than a clean Earth?

Polly Murdock, American Fork