On Oct. 27, NBC News published a story titled “Here’s the price Sen. Romney is paying for standing against Trump.” It included a poll by Utah Policy showing a majority of Utahns disapprove of Mitt Romney’s job performance.

The story continued by briefly interviewing two fellow Utahns. Dan Roehm of Davis County said that Romney is not representing us and that he has been small. Diane Bankratz of Box Elder County said she feels that Romney isn’t very conservative and is leaning toward the Democratic side. She added that we should support our president.

Instead of supporting the president, we should be supporting the Constitution through a quest for the truth. Recently revealed facts, yet to be denied by the White House or Republicans, portray Trump’s reckless and often corrupt pattern of foreign policy. His shadow foreign policy in Ukraine and impulsive withdrawal from Syria have jeopardized our security and we are less safe.

Romney is one of the few Republicans willing to follow the facts and hold the president accountable. I invite each of us to lend our support to him in the quest for truth. May we be united in placing country ahead of party at this critical time.

Bartly Mathews, Layton