I was happy to read in The Salt Lake Tribune that my congressman, Rep. Chris Stewart, has compassion for dogs abused by U.S. military contractors. That’s a good start, Chris.

I am still waiting to hear about his compassion for children detained in cages without soap, blankets, diapers or toothbrushes, being subjected to lights on all day and night (a well-known torture method) and without records being kept to eventually reunite them with their parents; for Dreamers who have never actually lived in another country; for sick children who were invited to our premier American children’s hospitals by American doctors and medical researchers to help them learn to cure life-threatening illnesses now being told (via form letter) to get out of our country within 33 days and buck it up.

Too bad these children face death without treatment; and for no vaccinations for migrants despite a threatened measles epidemic.

Any compassion for humans, Chris?

Nelda Bishop, Bountiful