Thank you for publishing Leia Larsen’s article, “A landfill on the tip of the Promontory cape on the Great Salt Lake is on the verge of opening for business” (Tribune, Aug. 18).

I am deeply concerned about any landfill development near the Great Salt Lake shoreline, especially Promontory Point Resources’ landfill on Promontory Peninsula. By issuing PPR (an out-of-state company) permits without requiring groundwater modeling, the state is demonstrating that greed and short-term economic development trump long-term economic stability and public health.

Environmental concern about Great Salt Lake’s hemispheric importance to millions of birds should be enough to stop this landfill. Sadly, it is not. Which is why we need to highlight Great Salt Lake’s contributions to our economy and the public health of all who live along the Wasatch Front.

Any threat to Great Salt Lake is a threat to the $1.3 billion Great Salt Lake generates annually. Any threat to Great Salt Lake is a threat to our health: water quantity, water quality and air quality. This is not the legacy we want to leave.

Promontory Point Resources cannot guarantee there will be no accidents. Any mishap could irreparably damage Great Salt Lake and in turn hurt us all.

Holly Simonsen, Salt Lake City