The New York Times, Washington Post, Salt Lake Tribune, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and yes, even FOX, et al. Don’t you understand what just happened?

Donald Trump was getting killed by all the coverage of his southern border concentration camps. Picture Mike Pence trying to maintain his proclaimed Christianity while observing the hundreds of immigrants standing shoulder-to-shoulder, tightly fenced with no room to sleep, defecate or even brush their teeth.

Time for a diversion, says Trump. Attack “the squad” with outrageous statements about their Americanism, then tell them to “go home.” Voila! All news coverage moved to decry yet another sign of this demented president.

Since his attack, nonstop coverage of this racially charged tirade. Zero coverage of the ongoing border tragedy.

Does the Trump base care? Please don’t allow them to laugh him into a second term.

Mickey Gallivan, Salt Lake City