On July 16, the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals handed the old guard of San Juan County yet another resounding defeat, unanimously and emphatically reaffirming that the county’s previous election boundaries and school districts had been unconstitutionally drawn to discriminate against the county’s Native American population.

The ruling is yet another in a long string of losses for southern Utah’s Good Old Boy’s Club, who refuse to accept the prospect of living in a world in which they aren’t free to do anything they want with complete impunity, and continue to rack up millions of dollars on the taxpayers’ legal tab to prove it.

It takes an impressive amount of chutzpah for County Commissioner Bruce Adams to now express concern for disenfranchisement in the county (disenfranchisement of whites, of course) when, as found by multiple courts, that is exactly what he and his cronies have been doing to Native Americans in southern Utah for decades.

For Adams, “disenfranchisement” is simply whitespeak for “not being allowed to keep discriminating.”

Thanks to the courts, although Adams and his ilk aren’t going quietly, they are going.

Brian Jones, Spanish Fork