My congressional representatives, Rep. Chris Stewart and Sen. Mike Lee, have been noticeably silent following President Donald Trump’s racist diatribe against four freshmen congresswomen of color.

Among other things, Trump told them to, “Go back to your own country.”

To remain silent in the face of such bigotry is to condone it. I expect my congressional representatives to speak out when the president, or anyone, attempts to publicly condemn people based on race or ethnicity.

But as Trump has sought over and over again to undermine common decency and our democratic way of life, Stewart and Lee have never raised objection, let alone offer criticism. By their silence, I must assume that Stewart and Lee support Trump’s actions, including the recent unconscionable attack on those congresswomen, which I believe to be an attack on the melting-pot culture that is the United States.

Stewart and Lee might take umbrage at the label “racist,” but I have to wonder why they let these hurtful and damaging remarks remain unchallenged. I find their lack of action more than disappointing.

Christopher Smart, Salt Lake City