I read with interest the letter from Roger Nedel titled “Fight the inland port.” It was well written and spot on.

Kamala Harris, in her book “The Truths We Hold” described this very problem, saying Riverside County, Calif., started approving huge warehouse projects and distribution centers into which trucks would drop off and pick up cargo.

An excerpt:

“Life was transformed for the 4,500 families living in Mira Loma. Farms were dug up and paved over. Traffic became unbearable. The quiet rural community was swallowed up by an industrial warehousing district. And the air turned toxic.”

Now, it is unlikely Salt Lake City will be “swallowed up” by this so-called inland port, but considering the mere fact that we are in a battle for breathable air, why would we allow for such an obvious addition to our pollution problem? Who benefits here?

Paul Kleiber, Salt Lake City