It seems like the U.S.A. is a country where we have to “pay to play,” or a system that discriminates against minorities, groups in poverty, and legal and illegal immigrants. Poor folks end up in low-income neighborhoods with sub-standard schools and high crime rates, as upper classes build McMansions on the hillside using exclusionary zoning practices.

Many citizens buy into the fabrication that illegal immigrants destroy our economic safety. This is blatantly false. Our economy is strong enough and can absorb large numbers of workers.

Once, wealth came with responsibility toward the community. The rich avoid paying their share of taxes, avoid serving in the military, and are showing an uncharacteristic low-level of charitable giving.

Our Declaration of Independence holds out for inalienable rights, and our Constitution is applicable to all people wherever it uses the terms “people” or “person” rather than citizen.

If we wish to “Make America Great Again” we need to remind ourselves of this fact, as we are all contributors to the character of our country, and make a stand for our country’s values.

Jill K. Mower, Magna