“Utah’s Independent Voice” of The Salt Lake Tribune has become overly independent of Utah when it comes to movie reviews in Friday’s The Mix.

As an example, the May 10 edition contained two movie reviews, one for “Poms,” written by an Associated Press writer and another for “The Chaperone” written by a Washington Post writer. Both the more popular “The Hustle” and more substantive “Tolkien,” premiering at the same time, were completely ignored.

Even as Utah has sought to acquire a reputation as an arts and cultural center, it appears that The Tribune has cut back the newspaper’s local reporting of Sean Means’ long experience in covering movies and many of the movies being released each week.

It's strange that The Tribune is imposing selective movie reviews from out-of-state writers and ignoring our own culturally attuned movie critics to provide more nuanced and reviews of all movies being released in our state each week.

It seems that The Tribune is becoming more and more out of touch with its readers by relying on people overly independent of Utah tastes and making its art and cultural section less and less useful for its readers.

Tab L. Uno, Clearfield